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24 May 2017

A Day at Cyclist Track Day North With Cyclist Magazine

It's not everyday I end up throwing a bike worth a few months rent around a track but when the opportunity arose to attend the Cyclist Track Day North ... I had to go...


30 April 2017

YoSushi: Flavours of Japan

I’ve never really been one for pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Especially when it comes to food. I like to enjoy my food and I tend to eat the same meals over and over again...


24 April 2017

An Interview with Joe McElderry!

It's not everyday you get to meet someone like Joe McElderry. Working for 'Nights out in Newcastle' I headed down to the press day for a big announcement to do with the musical 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat'.


16 April 2017

Easter Sunday at Ouseburn Farm!

ouseburn farm easter lambs chicks

Easter Sunday this year was spent at Ouseburn farm playing with ducklings and lambs before heading off to visit the Lord Nelson which was docked in the Tyne. A busy but exciting day! Brace yourself for lots of cute photos!


26 March 2017

Cycle Diary: Our first Bike Ride together!

On Saturday, I went for my first ride out in Newcastle by myself. It was so much fun and reignited my love of the outdoors. On Sunday, we decided to head out together for our first ride!

23 March 2017

Newcastle Races with Ladbrokes

To celebrate St. Patrick's day I was kindly invited along to the Newcastle Races by Ladbrokes. A formal event for once on this blog- are you shocked? You should be, you're about to see me in a dress...


22 March 2017


The Wax Bar recently launched in West Jesmond and I was excited to see what they had on offer. After hearing from a couple of friends who attended the launch party about how good it was, I was intrigued to try their services...


21 March 2017

Lord of the Dance: Interviewing the Leads!

Before the opening night of Lord of the Dance: DangerousGames opened at the Sage for a four night run in Newcastle, I headed backstage for Nights Out inNewcastle to interview the Lord of the Dance himself and Morrighan the Temptress…

28 February 2017

Home: Perfect Spring Duvets & Bed Linen

Living away from home gives you so much freedom. I love it and I can't believe I've been living away from home 12 years already! 

Given that storm Doris (what a name for a storm might I add) has blown her way across the UK, I was pretty happy to get home and snuggle up in my bed and binge watch some TV.

I love my room here at True, a cosy studio flat with its bright white walls and splashes of colour. So when it came to deciding how to decorate my room I decided to go with seasonal options.

Through autumn and winter I had a stag and wolf bedding set, lovely warm autumnal browns and crisp white and grey wolf bedding.
Looking ahead now to the next student loan as well as spring and summer, I want to have cute floral bedding. Soft pastel hues and anything that is going to bring some feminine softness to my room.

Now I know, florals? For Spring? (Anyone else got Miranda Priestley in their head)


But I can't help it. I love this time of year when everything just starts getting better! More sunshine, colour and cute prints! 

With my flat being a studio, my bed is my bed and my sofa and is the main part of my room- so it needs to be treated with such respect and decorated accordingly with something suitably Spring-like. So I thought I'd share a little bedding wishlist of mine, ready for the next student loan!

Canterbury Blue Duvet Set
I cannot tell you how long I have lusted after this bedding set and I think this student loan is the time to get it! I love the fact that it's reversible and has cute polka dots on one side and a gorgeous floral print on the other!

I thought I had fallen in love with the first Canterbury set but oh no this is so beautiful. A bedding set that seems very 'in' right now with soft pinks and greys and an adorable check print too! 

What I love the most about these Canterbury sets is that they have matching curtains too to bring the whole room together. 

Duck Egg Blue Satin Set

How unbelievably gorgeous is this set? A gorgeous duck egg blue set made from satin- the bedding of my dreams! I really can't wait to buy some new bedding soon- especially as I'll be moving into my new place later on this year and have a real chance at redecorating!

If you want to see what other gorgeous bedding & king size duvet covers there is on offer, go on over to Yorkshire Linen's site.

What makes a pretty bed linen set for you? Any other bedding recommendations? 

*This post is in collaboration with Yorkshire Linen but all views expressed are my own*

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27 February 2017

How Northumbria changed me.. ¦ Studying Journalism at Northumbria

I can't quite believe that it's almost the end of my third year at Northumbria. In a few short months I will have graduated and be going out into the wide world... I can't quite believe it. (Or maybe i'll stay and do a masters, who knows?)

I thought I would write a post summing up my experience here at Northumbria. I have a little whil left which is going to be so busy with deadlines and graduation prep, so it makes sense to do it now. I also want to have a blog post to look back at.

As a Journalism Student...

My course

I originally came to Northumbria in 2012 to study Law and after quite a few hiccups it really wasn't for me and September 2014 I transferred to study Media and Journalism BA (hons).

In my first year I studied Broadcast and Shorthand- two brand new concepts to me! As much as I hated shorthand I'm so glad I took it as it has already been useful during my work experiences and volunteering.
I made my first group video project which was exciting and gave me additional video editing skills.

Over my time here I've used pretty much all of the Adobe Suite, had access to a real radio station and am now about to get a weekend of work experience with the BBC. I've gone from knowing nothing about the professional world of journalism to spending time as the intern of a sports journalist and in the office of one of Britain's leading cycling magazines.

I'm now working on my final year project, my own magazine which is so stressful but is finally giving me the chance to put all my skills and experiences to use!

I'm also now part of a university radio show, Cyclebabble, which is so much fun!


For my third year we needed to get a work placement. I was so nervous I would never get anything but I got two! 

I spent three weeks at Cyclist magazine and it was so motivating and exciting. It's made me so damn certain I want to go into journalism, especially the magazine world. For my practical project I'm even making my own magazine.

I got industry standard training and learned what it was like to be on placement. I even got published in the next month's magazine and got to cover the Olympics on their website! A truly unbelievable experience!

Trips and Media Volunteering

Over the past three years, I've traveled up and down the country pursuing my career as a journalist. I had such a blast at the Tour de Yorkshire and even got chatting with the local BBC radio team. It was amazing to see the womens' race finally get the same coverage as the mens!

I got to see my idol Lizzie Armitstead in the flesh which was awesome!

I was ecstatic last summer when I was selected to be a Sports Media Intern at Northumbria. Through this, I met and interviewed an Olympic athlete, covered Team Northumbria in so many different sports and got my first news articles published in The Chronicle. Oh and weekly trips to watch the Newcastle Eagles play!

Over the past few years I've volunteered as a media volunteer on and off. I even made NSUTV committee this year!

I did my first presenting job in Freshers Week and it was such a laugh but gave me great experience for going out into the world!

It got me really interested in vlogging and despite my shyness, I created some vlogs over the years!

Have a little look below at some of the great stuff we got up to as part of NSU/TV:

As a person...

Volunteering- Northumbria offers so many ways for you to enhance your CV whilst having fun. I was really shy when I first started here and it took me until my final year to really open up and try a whole host of new things!

In my final year alone I've volunteered for the NSU's TV channel and radio station, as well as offering up time through the community projects. We filmed freshers week, interviews with celebs and all the goings on on campus! The best part is I've made some fantastic like-minded friends! It's nice to finally meet people who have such an invested interest in cameras like I do!

One of my favourite projects I've worked on was volunteering my time at Brysons animal shelter. We helped them sort a lot out and I've been going back up every week or so to help out and then walk some dogs!

I got to indulge my other hobbies through volunteering- as committee member of the Equestrian and Journalism societies. I've seen us go from having no team in the Stan Calvert to us doing so well this year! 

I've come out the other side of this degree feeling far more confident than I ever did when I started it. Switching courses was definitely the right decision for me as I feel I really have flourished as a journalism student.

I'm going to miss the fantastic facilities (the whole Adobe Suite- my good friend! and the cosy new booths in the library where I've spent countless hours editing) but I do plan on continuing my love affair with Sport Central Gym! I've recently gotten obsessed with the gym and ours is definitely one of the best. 

My confidence has grown so much since I started here and I feel far more ready to take on life after graduation now that I've had work experience and that my little blog is growing. 

I can't believe it's nearly my turn for the cap and gown- I'm kind of sad about it, but I can't wait! I've had a great time here at Northumbria and will always treasure being a 'poly'!

I have loved studying here in Newcastle and Northumbria has been home for so many years. I really hope to stay here after all of this and experience more of this wonderful city!

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22 February 2017

Fundraising for Cancer | PeloToon Mag & Cyclebabble Collab

Since September I've been working on my third year project, PeloToon Magazine. 
It's been incredibly stressful but the past couple of weeks a fantastic side project has emerged and it has now evolved into a full blown monster that I'm loving being a part of!

But the most exciting part is we get to help with a good cause...

20 February 2017

A Day Trip To Durham 

With Rob working lates all week, Valentines day kind of got pushed to the back of the agenda. But on Sunday we decided to have a spontaneous trip to Durham and it more than made up for it...


19 February 2017

Fitness: My first Vlog and a special invite!

I honestly can't believe I've just gone and filmed my first proper weightloss vlog! I am actually kind of proud of myself?!

So this week was the first week in a new regime for me and I decided to make a little vlog explaining it all...


15 February 2017


I am beyond excited for this fantastic event! I haven't been to a festival since I was in college and I can't believe there's going to be one on my doorstep! 
So what's going on? 


13 February 2017


After a very successful first trip up to Brysons with NSUCommunity, I decided that on Rob's day off we should head up again and do some dog-walking...

11 February 2017


Being shy at university can be such a handicap. It's drilled into you from even before you apply that it will be this life changing experience. You'll get to see so much, do so much and meet people from all walks of life. It's supposed to be the time of your life, you're supposed to be out late every night partying, drinking as much as you can, joining every society going and getting a degree in a job that one day you'll love...


10 February 2017


Last Monday as part of the NSU Community campaign we headed over to Brysons Animal Shelter to volunteer our time and it was one of the best days of the year so far!

If you're a fan of all things cute and fluffy click through to see some really sweet faces! ...

2 February 2017

Northumbria Equestrian C Team Competition

On the 1st February, The C team had their first competition at Stepney Bank Stables and I went down to get some shots and to try and make a short film of the event, both for the society and for NSU Media...

1 February 2017

A day at the Coast + Chinese New Year

Photo credit: Rob Hinds

Yesterday was such a wonderful little sunday. One of those days I won't forget just for the sheer spontaneity and relaxation of the day...

29 January 2017

Pandas and Painted Dogs: A Day At Edinburgh Zoo

Ever since I knew there were going to be Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo, I wanted to go. That dream finally came true two years ago, when I first got to see them. When we decided to go on a few days up to Edinburgh, I booked the zoo tickets before we had even booked the hotel...


27 January 2017

L'oreal Intense Ombre Preference Review

I have been obsessed with the idea of dyeing my hair ombre for such a long time now. But with having dark hair and fearing horrible brassy hair again, I put it off time and again. But with 2017 starting and a lot of changes happening for me, I decided to be brave...

15 January 2017

Edinburgh through my Iphone 7

Edinburgh was so much fun! I can't believe it went so quickly and I'm back at home now getting ready for my first week of the new semester. Even though it was absolutely freezing and it even snowed, I had so much fun seeing this beautiful city again! ...


1 January 2017

New Year, New Blog Goals!

image from Weheartit

Happy New Year everyone! Oh I am so glad it's finally 2017- I love fresh starts! With the first falling on a sunday, it just seemed like fate that this year is off to a good and organised start! 

I am feeling SO motivated and excited for what 2017 has in store. Fingers crossed it goes well! 

But in order for it to go well, I have to get the wheels in motion. 

So what do I want to achieve for my little blog in 2017?

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