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13 February 2017


After a very successful first trip up to Brysons with NSUCommunity, I decided that on Rob's day off we should head up again and do some dog-walking...

When we got there, we asked to take some dogs out for a walk. Luckily for us, the dog we were secretly hoping to walk was needing her first walk of the day.

Rob and I are real german shepherd fans, and when I had visited a few days earlier, I had really fallen for Holly. When I was in the kitten room, I could see her through the window. A friendly old girl at 8, I couldn't resist sending Rob lots of pictures of her.

We turned out of the shelter and headed off towards the railway tracks and some country lanes. She was so sweet and cuddly and I took her on the lead first. 

After about ten paces she kept lagging behind for Rob and kept looking back for him, so I handed her over and walked behind them as they went ahead. It was quite clear how much they got along!

As we turned off the tracks, it began to snow quite heavily! We were told as she was slightly older not to walk her for more than 30 minutes, so we expected her to want the walk over quickly. How wrong were we! She was sniffing everything and practically pulled us along the route in excitement!

It was quite clearly love at first sight for the pair of us and it really made me happy to see how much Rob loved spending some time with her. I'm hoping to get back there soon to walk her again soon as she is so sweet- but I hope she does find a good home soon!

Volunteering to walk the dogs has made me really happy the past couple of weeks and has convinced me that when the time is right I will go and get a shelter dog. I have such a soft spot for german shepherds especially, who we were told sometimes struggle to be rehomed, and I can't wait to have my own one day!

We ended the visit with a trip out to the cats as I had to show Darwin to Rob. He's not really a cat person but seemed to quite enjoy spending some time with the still very chatty Darwin. 

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